Discover Montreal

Looking for things to do, places to eat, and exclusive offers for local businesses in Montreal?

Check out the website Tourisme Montréal put together for AIHce attendees!

In Montreal, it’s all about three words: joie de vivre.

The French phrase, literally meaning “joy of living”, is a way of life in Montreal. And we can see why…

With 6,000 restaurants representing 80 cuisines; year-round festivals celebrating music films, sports, food and beer; open-air markets with an array of specialty shops featuring local spices, oils, cheeses, meats, and pastries; 32 kilometres (21 miles) of underground passageways filled with unique shopping and entertainment; and cobblestone streets telling the story of the city’s past 360 years—it’s no wonder Montreal was named one of the world’s top cities to visit and one of the world’s happiest cities by Lonely Planet.

See for yourself at AIHce 2013… à la Montreal.